4 things you should do the night before an interview

4 things you should do the night before an interview
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In this Article we discussed about 4 things you should do the night before an interview. The employer usually communicates the date of the appointment for an interview well in advance. You should fully utilize this time period for your preparation before you actually appear for an interview.

While you are preparing for an interview, you need to:

Create a resume:

A resume is a self-promotional document that represents you in the best possible manner to the employer. The first step is to create a resume that impresses the employer and puts you ahead of the competition. If you already have a resume, ensure that you update the same. This is most important, you should do the night before an interview.

Know yourself:

To effectively demonstrate your suitability for the job, you must know yourself Review the information that you have specified in your resume. Be prepared to give examples to substantiate all claims in your resume, Apart from determining your proficiency level, some interviewers want to see how you have progressed in areas related to their position(s) (such as interpersonal skills and motivation). Other interviewers will want you to talk about your mistakes and what lessons you learned from them.

Know the company:

You must be familiar with the job opening and the organization. So that you can demonstrate your interest in that particular job. You must research about the company, its growth prospects, culture, and work environment. Common sources for research could include magazines, newspapers, and the Internet. A commonly asked interview question is: “What do you know about our Company?” If you are unable to answer this question effectively, employers will see this as a sign of disinterest. In addition, you can try to obtain information about the person (or persons) you will be meeting and find out the schedule for the interview period.

Rehearse answers to common questions:

The next step towards preparing for an interview is rehearsals. Before you go for an interview, it is a good practice to rehearse:

  • formal introduction about yourself and your family.
  • brief description about your academic and technical qualification,
  • description of your ambition and future career goals and
  • description of your strengths.

The rehearsal could be in front of a mirror, a friend, or a teacher. You may also ask them to give you a feedback that will help you realize your mistakes. You can also organize an audio or video recording of your rehearsal and play it to identify the mistakes you have made.

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