In this article you will learn how to Handle Stress During a Job Interview. Interviewers use various strategies during the interviews to assess the interviewees and test their behavior under different situations These strategies are different modes to test how interviewees deal with pressure and normal situations.

Handle Stress During a Job Interview

In a stress strategy, the interviewers make the interviewee uncomfortable and disconcerted. The stress strategy is a common strategy that employers use to determine how an interviewee reacts under pressure. This strategy may be used in one-on-one interviews, depending on the requirements of the job lor which an interview being conducted.

To disconcerts the interviewee, the interviewer may:

Ignore the interviewee: The interviewer may simply walk into a room where the interviewee is waiting for an interview and completely ignore him/her by scrolling through some of the files kept in the drawer. Alternatively, the interviewer may behave in some other unusual manner that upsets the interviewee. The way the interviewer behaves with the interviewee while using a stress strategy may not be pleasant. However, you should not take this conduct personally. Remember that this is a strategy, and the interviewer is just enacting a role.

Ask a tough question: In a stress interview, the interviewer may try to make the interviewee so uncomfortable that he/she cannot think straight. This makes the interviewee forget all rehearsed answers, if she/he has prepared any, and forces him/her to answer according to his/her own ability.

Use the ‘4 Why’ approach: The interviewer uses the ‘4 Why’ approach by asking four questions consecutively. In order to make the interviewee uncomfortable.

Interviewer: Why have you applied here? You: Because I like the job profile. Interviewer: Why do you like the job profile? You: Because it is the latest and in demand. Interviewer: Why do you think it is in demand? You: Because of the potential. Interviewer: Why do you think it has the potential? You: Most applications would depend on it.

Ridicule about his/her background

The interviewer can ask the candidate about the state she/he belongs to. Regardless of the answer, the interviewer can humiliate or embarrass the candidate by stating  that all people from that state are worthless and bad workers. The candidate should the justify why she/he should be recruited. The interviewer may then also refuse to accept the justification offered by the candidate.

Change the tone: The interviewer may start the interview in a friendly tone and then suddenly disconcert the interviewee by asking a tough question or changing the tone to a more formal and crisp tone.

Give no reaction:

While taking the interview, the interviewer may not show any reaction to the interviewee’s answers. So it might be difficult to gauge whether the interviewee has given the right answers.



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