Strength And Weaknesses When Facing Interviews are the natural attributes of all human beings. Every human being is a permutation and combination ail these attributes. Some individuals have unique strengths to win in any situation. Sonic have specific weaknesses that make them lose their control during adversities. You should constantly strive to strengthen your strengths and weaken your weaknesses.

Some strengths you should possess when facing an interview are:


Self-confidence is the faith or belief that you have in yourself to act in an appropriate and effective way. And the first and foremost quality that interviewers look for in an interview. You should work on developing this quality because it will help you succeed in an interview and in life.

Ability to answer unexpected questions:

At times, the interviewer may ask questions that are not related to the interviewee’s job profile or background. Sometimes, the questions may also be personal. Some of these questions can be: “Why aren’t you married?” “What if we told you to also take on the responsibility of our official photographer?” or “Will you be able to perform as the vice-president of our company?”. It is possible that the interviewee may not have an immediate answer for these questions. In such cases, the interviewee should answer smartly.

Fluency- in speech:

You should not fumble or be at a loss for words when speaking to an interviewer. Otherwise, the interviewer may believe that you are not confident of what you are saying. For example, the statement “I err…am interested in actually…uh…urnmm becoming a programmer.” clearly suggests that you are not sure whether you want to become a programmer.

Convincing tone:

believe in What you say. This involves modulating your voice and speaking with emphasis. For example, the statement -I would definitely be able to handle leave the right impact if you emphasize some key words such as “definitely”, “handle”  and “positive”.


Your hands should not tremble and your voice should not be shaky when facing interview. This indicates that you are nervous. You should remain cool, calm and composed. This will help you perform to the best of your abilities.

Efficient Communication: You should clearly communicate your thoughts and ideas.

Some of the weaknesses that you should avoid when facing an interview are

Lack of conviction:

Lack of conviction may arise when an interviewee may not be convinced about what she/he describes. Consequently, the interviewer may think that the interviewee either does not know what she/he is talking about or is lying. For example, some statements depicting lack of conviction are, “I am not really sure if I would be able to ..” and “I think it was in the first code….

Lack of presence of mind:

This may occur when an interviewee is unable to think quickly and answer questions that may be difficult, probing, or out of context. For example, if the interviewee does not say anything and remains silent when confronted with a difficult question, it implies that the interviewee lacks presence of mind.

Ineffective tone:

A tone that is either too aggressive or too timid can put off an interviewer. Your tone of voice should he soothing and pleasing to the ears.

Unfocused answers:

An interviewee may go off the track when answering a question because of either misunderstanding a question or because of giving too many details.

Interview anxiety:

Getting anxious about the result and frenzy in the present moment prevents an interviewee from thinking clearly. Consequently, the interviewee is not able to properly answer simple questions. Therefore, you should not think too much about how you will perform in the interview. Try to remain in the present and stay focused. Take each moment and each question as it comes, and perform to the best of your abilities.

 Failure to express yourself clearly:

Sometimes, interviewees try too hard and turn simple sentences into complex statements. This happens because of anxiety and the urge to say things perfectly. Simple language is always the most effective. You should avoid trying to sound knowledgeable by using jargon or complex sentences.

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